Practice Quiz

This page will allow you to select a practice test that you can take online. These practice tests are designed exactly like the real exams that you will receive in class. As you are (hopefully) aware, the course is divided into three parts, with a 100-point Quiz following each part. There are, therefore, three separate exams; Quiz 1, Quiz 2 and Quiz 3. Each Quiz is divided into three sections, as you will see. Use the hyperlinks below to select either Quiz 1, Quiz 2 or Quiz 3. Then, FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS for each section and click the radio buttons corresponding to the answer of your choice. You will then be told if you are correct or incorrect. If you choose an incorrect response, you may select a different answer to view the correct response. You will also receive a score for each separate section (based on your initial response to each question) and a summary at the end of the exam. The purpose of these exams is to actually test your knowledge AFTER STUDYING. They will not help you as much if you use the tests to study from.

NOTE: These practice tests are written using JavaScript and are presented using "frames". This means that you MUST be using a compatible browser to view these pages. Netscape 2.0 and above will work well. If you prefer Internet Explorer, you must use at least version 4.0. These pages have not been tested with any other browsers. Finally, to avoid Javascript errors, always let the entire contents of any particular page load before clicking to go on. If you have problems, please let know.

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Quiz 1 - Immunology / Bacteriology

Quiz 2 - Bacteriology

Quiz 3 - Bacteriology / Virology